Got an .ai domain name? Congratulations! It may be worth even more than you think once you consider that it can also be used as a crypto wallet name in web3. That’s because the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) recently made it free for just about any domain name in the DNS sphere to shorten a long hexadecimal address. Instead of a wallet address like 0x64233eAa064ef0d54ff1A963933D0D2d46ab5829, you can use your .ai domain name instead. Here’s an example of my domain being used on the blockchain.

The only caveat is that your domain name will probably have to be hosted on Namecheap in order to work. Here’s how to do it. It’s super easy. Just enable DNSSEC in the DNS manager on Namecheap and then add a txt record that includes your wallet address using the format below.

namecheap ens

That’s, it you’re done. You can now use that name in MetaMask!

Note that some wallets like Coinbase etc are still in the process of upgrading their libraries to be able to use DNS domain names.