eth picsThe domain name wasn’t doing much except for sitting on Namecheap after I acquired it via in July 2022. I bought it to complement my project which I’ve since put on the back burner. is what I call a reverse eth name in which it is well tailored for the Ethereum or ENS ecosystem. The irony, however, was that it couldn’t be transferred over those same rails. Until now.

On January 13, 2024, I transferred the domain away from Namecheap to 3dns, a blockchain-integrated domain registrar. As part of the transfer, which took all of 15 minutes, 3dns tokenized the domain into an NFT. Now, not only are the DNS settings controlled by my ethereum address, but I can transfer or sell the NFT to someone else entirely over the blockchain. As a domain crafted for an Ethereum or ENS ecosystem audience, it’s only natural that the domain name be managed in this manner. However, this can be done with almost any web2 domain, including .coms.